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Running & Therapy Finally Find Their Match

Love this concept!!! Running & therapy! I could totally go for this!

There are so many times that I personally use running and listening to music as my own personal therapy and mental release…but there are just as many times that I go running with a friend just to talk, listen and once again…get that mental release.

The idea of meeting my therapist for a run (or walk) seems so simple…yet brilliant. What do you think?

“Run Walk Talk”: Running with the therapist while discussing life’s problems

By Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times

Sepideh Saremi, 33, a Redondo Beach, Calif. psychotherapist, offers her clients the option of running or walking with her as they talk. Some, she has found, feel more comfortable opening up when they are moving. Here, she is on the Redondo Beach Pier near her office, during a run. (Robin Abcarian/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. — The psychotherapist was in running gear: black tank top, black leggings and black shoes. Her hair was pulled back. She carried only her phone.

Leaving her office in Redondo Beach, Sepideh Saremi crossed a couple of streets, walked down a sloping path to the beach, then began to run north, toward the pier.

Had I been her patient, that’s when our session would have begun.

As we ran along the edge of the ocean, Saremi periodically asked me if I was OK, if the pace was good, if I was comfortable. I had a feeling that she was also reminding me that we were not pals, which struck me as entirely appropriate.

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