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Tips From Nutritional Health Coach Pamela Higgins

pam higginsMy friend Pamela Higgins is a health coach and writes a column for the Examiner. She’s had some great tips recently that I wanted to share. Enjoy and feel free to reach out to her directly at http://www.totalhealthcounseling.com.

Top 10 Tips to a Healthier You

Do you want to eat healthier but think it’s too complicated or means only eating salads? There are so many simple steps you can take to enhance your health. It starts by taking action today and jumping in for the challenge! You are worth it and wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel great and look fabulous, and have a healthy?

  1. Add creamy avocado slices to your burgers and sandwiches instead of mayo or fancy aioli (i.e. mayo) spreads.
  2. Skip the deep-fried french fries and order baked sweet potato instead or grilled veggies.
  3. Start the day with a big glass of water and squeeze a whole lemon or lime in the glass, this will hydrate and alkalize your body instantly! You’ll hydrate and get a boost of energy first thing in the morning!

Read on for tips 4 – 10 here: http://www.examiner.com/list/top-10-tips-to-a-healthier-you.

Classic Tasting Chocolate Chip Cookiescookie

Who doesn’t love a good homemade chocolate chip cookie? I <3 cookies but my body is so sensitive that I can’t eat the classic version made with butter and white flour. Good thing there are other ingredients that can make a cookie that’s just as divine without the belly ache. These have a good amount of protein from the chickpeas, I imagine you can use any bean you have on hand. Pinto beans would make a pretty pink shaded cookie. This makes a small batch. This is my version of Donielle’s Gluten Free, Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Find the recipe here: http://www.totalhealthcounseling.com/2013/classic-tasting-chocolate-chip-cookies/



WPB Examiner Article: SouthFloridaRuns.com Hits 500-Member Mark

I’ve talked about my involvement with SouthFloridaRuns.com many times and how I credit the casual running group for getting me back into running over the past few years. Well apparently I’m not the only one loving the group and experience of attending runs and social gatherings! Now, there are more than 500 others!

Read up on how and why SouthFloridaRuns.com first got started, what the secret to its success is, and how you can get involved and join us for an upcoming run…by reading my most recent West Palm Beach Running & Fitness Examiner article here.

And don’t forget to share the article with friends; the group is aiming to hit 1,000 members next! Go SouthFloridaRuns.com!


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