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Relationship in a Rut? Try A New Kind of Date Night

Riding bikes on the beaches of Tel Aviv

Life is busy. Between work, home, responsibilities, family, exercising and “other,” it’s amazing that any of us getting any sleep or even find time to “enjoy.” Often finishing in last place on the long list of “to do” items is your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

For many of us, scheduling a “date night” becomes critical. If not, time together will fall through the cracks. For most of us, a date night of dinner and a movie, dancing, etc. is sufficient. For other’s it is not.

For my boyfriend and I, we take OTF classes together, we go on long walks with the dog, or bike rides alone. We start runs together. We cook together, eat together and watch specific shows together. We try to keep our time together focused and enjoyable.

For this NYC couple, they made their “date night” all about exercising. And it works for them – as it has gotten them back in shape and brought back the passion.

Runner’s World Article: This Couple Dropped Weight and Rekindled their Love Life

What do you do for “date night”?