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Coach Rick Rothman Named 2012 National Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year

I am so very proud to announce that my high school coach, my mentor and my friend Coach Rick Rothman, has been named the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) 2012 National Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year. The award, which was bestowed upon him last night in Fargo, ND, celebrates Coach Rothman’s three decades of commitment to the sport, his athletes and running in general. I can speak from experience and say that Coach Rothman deserves this award more than anyone else. His dedication to his runners is unparalleled. We (I include myself in this sentiment) are and always will be his first priority. I truly believe he helped mold me into the runner I was (back in high school and that I’ve always continued to strive to be) and the person I am. Thank you Coach Rothman from the bottom of my heart!

Read the full article that I wrote about him for the West Palm Beach Running & Fitness Examiner here. And please share around. He deserves not only the award but all the recognition that comes with it as well!