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Palm Beach Post, Steve Dorfman Column: “Pinning Pain Relief on Acupuncture”

Integrated Holistic Medicine (Boca Raton) Co-Owners and Acupuncturists Su Sandy Aung and Carlos Restrepo

Great column from The Palm Beach Post by my friend and fantastic health reporter/editor Steve Dorfman. Enjoy!


Should you pin your pain relief on acupuncture?

By Steve Dorfman

Way back in the day, circa early 1970s, my mom was one of South Florida’s earliest acupuncture patients. She regularly underwent the then-exotic treatments in order to relieve searing pain in her surgically-repaired spine.

Hence, I’ve always been intrigued by alternative, and holistic, forms of Eastern medicine.

Non-invasive and chemical/drug-free, they tend to rely partly on science — and greatly on the intuition of the practitioner.

Do they require leaps of faith?


But then again, so does undergoing anesthesia, surgery and a host of other invasive, commonly-accepted Western practices to which we give little critical thought.

Actually, the practice of all medicine really is part-art, part-science — and a whole lot of faith.

So, when Carlos Restrepo, one of the co-owners of Integrated Holistic Medicine in Boca Raton (ihmhealing.com) offered me a complimentary acupuncture session, I gladly accepted.

Read what happened…here.

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