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From Asthma to COPD: This Runner Promises to Keep Going

IMG_1944Ailments, illnesses, sicknesses…they all seem so distant, foreign, disconnected from you…until someone close to you, a friend, family member, etc., is diagnosed, assigned that title, matched with said “situation.” And from then on, that name, acronym, label is no longer someone else’s problem or sad story…it’s now yours as well.

This was never so true as when my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer and then passed away two very short years later. But today, I’m referencing COPD. Sure, the commercials on TV are pretty common, the pretend definition “chronic old people’s disease” always a throught or two away, but in reality did I know what COPD actually was? No, and I am pretty sure the majority of people out there don’t either. That was until, my friend and running buddy Sam informed me via text one afternoon that he had just been diagnosed with COPD. He was telling me not to spread the word or make some official announcement, but rather because I had put out a feeler via social media asking friends if anyone knew someone with COPD, asthma, or some other related breating ailment. (You see, my other friend / Palm Beach Post reporter Steve was looking for a local person to be profiled for the next issue of Health Living Mag, distributed by the Post.)

Sam let me know that he was probably the ideal candidate for the profile – having had asthma as a kid…and now only months early being diagnosed with COPD. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to spread the word and announce to people he had COPD…but figured it was a good thing to tell his story in the hopes of helping, informing someone else. So he put his own concerns, selfish feelings to the side and offered up his full story. Sam and I sat outside Starbucks one morning…and he told me what a diagnosis of COPD really meant, when he received it, what his plans were, and what he was scared of…

And that’s where the story becomes real. Sam’s real fear/concern in telling me (and the Post and its hundreds of thousands of readers) his story…is that by putting it in writing, out there for everyone to read and hear, was making it real. He knew he couldn’t avoid it anymore, pretend he didn’t receive this news from his doctor, etc. He’d have to accept it, strategize, plan, and go-on with his life – different or not. I think the fear is still there…Sam acknowledges he is dealing with it still…and probably will for a while. But what I told him (and will say again here) is that life can’t always be planned. Diagnoses, changes, challenges happen. And if you focus too much on them and what will happen next, you will miss out on today. So yes, plan and strategize and do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy…but be sure to live every day life to the fullest, unconcerned with what you can’t control, and focused on being happy.

We didn’t know my mom would be diagnosed with cancer and die two years later. We couldn’t plan for that…but what we can do, is make sure we are living every day to its fullest while we are here. It’s the only way to win at life, regardless of what is thrown your way (good or bad).

So with that said, please read on…Here’s the Palm Beach Post, Healthy Living Magazine cover feature story on my good friend Sam.

Healthy Living: Can this Boynton Beach Man Out Run COPD?

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Raindrop Massage: An Essential Experience

I thought I had written about Raindrop Massages before…but apparently not. Well, after seeing the availability of a Living Social deal at the Chiropractic & Sports Rehab Institute in Boynton Beach for this amazing massage, I thought I’d write about it here. 

Raindrop Massage, a healing and cleansing massage that combines aromatherapy, reflexology, and other techniques, results in an experience that reaches all levels of the body, mind and emotion. First discovered during research by Dr. Gary Young, a Naturopathic physician back in the 1980’s, Raindrop Massage or Therapy focuses on the application of a number of specific essential oils to various parts of the body through a combination of techniques.

Following the application of the essential oils to the individual’s spine, the therapist applies a massage technique called vita flex which enhances the benefits of the essential oils. Afterwards, a hot compress is applied to the body which provides further assistance to releasing the benefits of the essential oils. The legs and feet are then also massaged using the vita flex technique. A Raindrop Massage lasts approximately 50 minutes; however, the oils will continue to benefit the body for up to a week after the procedure.

Raindrop Massage is considered a detoxification for the body—in addition to an opportunity to bring balance, harmony, relaxation and overall wellness. According to Laura Ann Buchbinder, a certified aroma therapist, who is now offering Raindrop Massages a few days a week at the Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation Institute, the experience is personalized and tailored to each patient. “While working on an individual and speaking to them I am able to choose the appropriate oils for their condition,” said Buchbinder. “Stressed, inflamed skin, soreness in the muscles? There’s an essential oil for everything!”

Some of the most common essential oils used during treatment include:

  • Lavender: Soothing, anti-inflammatory, great for skin, most versatile of essential oils
  • Birch: Ideal for bone repair, muscles after exercise and soothing tension
  • Tangerine: Calming, helps with occasional irritability
  • Peppermint: Cooling and refreshing, great for concentration

Learn more at www.drdavidrudnick.com.

And check out the Living Special deal here.