Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 2013

Women start the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k. Picture courtesy of The Palm Beach Post.

The annual Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure was this past Saturday and I had the great opportunity of participating again. It’s become tradition year after year – as I alternate attending with my family and kids from the Spanish River Cross Country team. While last year it was a family affair, this year it was just me and a couple of kids from the team. Regardless, the feeling of being at the race, the opportunity to race, and the beautiful merging of two loves of mine (my mom – who I lost to breast cancer in 2008 and running) is indescribable.

While this year I just jogged the race compared to last year when I ran to place well…I still had a fantastic time. Some of my favorite traditions:

  • The women and men run separately! It makes watching and experience the day that much more exciting. I feel lucky to be able to run with primarily just women and then cheer on the men immediately after.
  • The PINK everywhere. It is truly amazing how a color has evolved to mean so much more.
  • Medals. The medals at the end aren’t handed out to us runner…they are handed out to survivors. So the real intent of the race (regardless of how fast you run) is always there.
  • Booths. From the delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee set-up to the Sari Center – the booths offer everything and more.
  • Green Market. Following the race, there is an opportunity to walk through the green market. It’s amazing for the shop owners who gain access to so many more potential customers and it’s great for us!


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