Paul Ryan is hot. Does that mean he’ll get your vote?


With the GOP convention in full swing – as of today…there is lots of news and media out there on Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their issues, politics. Well, since I am all about fitness and running, I thought I would highlight a fantastic Palm Beach Post article by my good friend Steve Dorfman – health reporter/editor at the Post. The column appeared in the paper today and truly gives a full summary of what is important about our politicians (wink-wink).

It’s been very common to hear about politicians running and jogging to keep in shape. Think of all the casual jogs the media just happened to see former Presidents Clinton and Bush taking – on vacation as well as around the streets of Washington, D.C. Additionally, former Governor Mike Huckabee got a lot of attention after he lost a massive amount of weight eating better and running (prior to his run for president in 2008). It could be said that his weight loss in fact renewed his chances as a potential presidential nominee…and while he did not win, he is now enjoying a prosperous cable TV career.

Anyway – back to the topic at-hand. Paul Ryan, VP nominee for the Republicans, and religious follower of the popular workout DVD P90X. Politics aside (and I went to Brown University – one of the most liberal institutions in the country so no comments necessary), this guy is in pretty good shape. Speaking purely from a professional/runner/writer POV of course. While I personally have never used the P90x program, I know it is tough! My older brother Michael has used it for years and I know he loves it and of course the results. I say – if you have the discipline to workout in front of the TV on your own – this program can offer great all-around results. Of course, consistency and eating health (as with all exercise regimes) are key.

So read on – and ask yourself – can a politician’s body (or rather health) influence your vote? Do you feel more confident he or she will be around in the long run to make good decisions? Think back to the years before we saw our politicians on TV, in print photos and on the internet constantly. If you never saw them – but rather only heard their voice and policies, would it matter less?

Read more of Steve Dorfman’s column here. And make your own decision.

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