Custom-Fitted Orthotics: Why You Need Them

Last week I picked up my first pair of orthotics ever from Dr. David Rudnick at the Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation Institute in Boynton Beach. As I’ve said before, I never had any aches or pains in high school so never really considered using them. However, with a recent string of injuries (knee, foot, etc.), I figured it was a great time to start. And Dr. Rudnick suggested them – having worked on my foot numerous times and seen the results of nearly two decades of running on an extremely high arch.

So with this post, I hope to share my feedback on Week One with my new orthotics and answer some common questions!!

Why custom-fit orthotics? Rather than the store-bought versions? 
This is is a question I have gotten from a few of my students since showing up at practice with my new “feet.” And it’s a question that I found all over the internet. Custom-fit orthotics are exactly that…specifically made, measured, and fit to your feet. In fact, when Dr. Rudnick fit me for the orthotics, questions such as “How much do you run,” “What surfaces do you typically run on,” and “What part of your foot do you typically land on,” are all asked, in addition to the foam box casting. This should answer the question of “which to buy” in itself. The custom-fit orthotics are made for your feet and your feet alone. When you purchase orthotics out of the machine in the store – you can only be fit into the ones stocked – option A, B, C or D.

I asked Dr. Rudnick this question and he explained that while some people can get away with store-bought orthotics, it’s not the norm. “One of the available options stored in the machine may be the right match for you, but they can’t be right for everyone,” Rudnick said. “Unfortunately they can’t stock everyone’s specific foot needs. That’s where custom-fit orthotics come in. They do fit your specific needs.”

Watch the custom-fitted orthotics foam box casting here.

From my research on many websites, the only negatives listed next to custom-fit orthotics were: the time it takes between ordering and receiving the orthotics (for me – it was 10 days) and the cost (they are a few hundred dollars so more expensive than the store-bought version – but you get what you pay for as they say)!

How do they feel?
Since picking my new orthotics up and fitting them into my shoes to wear, I have gotten used to the feeling very quickly. It almost feels as though I have an extra bump in my shoe where the space under my arch used to be. And I like the feeling – the rubbing feels as though I am receiving a massage on the bottom of my foot with each step. Dr. Rudnick suggested I only wear the orthotics for a few hours at a time the first few days – until I get used to them. So while I did this at first, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed wearing them and ironically switched from wearing sandals everywhere to putting on my sneakers (with orthotics fit inside of course).

So with orthotics in, and my training hopefully back to normal over the next few weeks…I will continue to update you on how I feel. Feel free to write in any questions you have for me or Dr. David Rudnick and I will get them answered ASAP.

Learn more a bout Dr. Rudnick’s practice here: Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation Institute.

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