Baby It’s Cold Outside

If you live in South Florida (where this blog is based) you have noticed the chill in the air! Well – I mean the drop to 55 degrees! And while that is nothing for those that live up north and even for me who spent four years of college in New England, it’s still something to pay attention to and respect. Keep these tips in mind especially if you travel up north where it is really cold or if the thermometer drops any more here in S. Florida. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when running/training in cold weather:

  1. Warm up. You need the warm up more when it is cold outside to avoid straining or pulling a muscle. Remember, when it is cold, muscles restrict and need to be warmed, stretched, and so on before expecting them to perform.
  2. Hydrate. A lot of us forget to drink water when it is cold outside. But it just as important compared to when it is hot and sunny. If you notice that you start getting the chills and goosebumps while out on a run – immediately find water and drink it! That means you are dehydrated.
  3. Dress for it. Some of us think we are too tough to admit it is cold and refuse to put on an extra shirt or sweater. If it is cold, where the extra shirt. You can always take it off mid-run.
  4. If it is really cold, change quickly after your run.¬†Your core body temperature drops as soon as you stop running. To avoid a lingering case of the chills, change your clothes–head to toe–as soon as you can. Women need to get out of damp sports bras quickly. Put a dry hat on wet hair.
  5. Drink something warm (e.g. coffee, tea, soup, etc.) after a cold run to help warm up your core body temperature even more (and faster)!

And enjoy it! It’s so hot in South Florida that we rarely get the opportunity to enjoy running mid-day when the sun is blaring! A cold day is the perfect opportunity to soak in that sun while going for a long run. You’ll never appreciate it so much!

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