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Welcome To Running Tips 101

Welcome to Running Tips 101 – a blog site dedicated to all things related to running.

Why running and fitness? Well it’s what I do! My name is Melissa Perlman and I am a runner! I’m not the type of runner that goes out on a six mile jog to clear my head or because I think the weather is beautiful. I don’t run for the fun of it either (for the most part). I run for results! I run to stay in top physical shape; I run to feel good and stay healthy; I run so that I can enter races and feel like I can win them; and I run to help others (students, running partners, etc.) achieve the same. And I do it while running a successful Public Relations and Communications Firm in South Florida (in other words, living a normal life)!

Take a look around my site and come back often…because I’m about to tell you everything I know so that you can start seeing results too! Further, I am going to share all the tips I know (from ice and salt baths to drying your running shoes after a rain storm to keeping your energy up without coffee)! I understand it’s not easy – believe me! But I’m here to tell you that it’s much easier than you think to get back into the best shape of your life! (And maybe have some fun in the process!)

Have questions? Post them so that other readers can benefit from the answers as well!

(PS. That’s me on the right at the finish of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Miami Beach (December 2011). It wasn’t my first half marathon but it was the first time that I felt adequately prepared and trained for the 13.1 miler. And that was an amazing feeling in itself. Time was 1:38.)